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To develop or debug code using the demos in this directory, create a soft link from "api" in this directory to the directory containing the exhibit api source code you wish to test (for example, the "src" directory or, after you build it, the "dist" directory of this repository). You may also want to force exhibit to use the unbundled version of the api, by passing "exhibit-dev=true" as an argument in the url of the demo you are visiting, e.g. "presidents/presidents.html?exhibit-dev=true".

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labelLink ViewsFacetsDataOther Description
This Meta-Exhibitexindex.html TileListHTML Table;in-document MIT nobel prize winners
Nobelistsnobelists/nobelists.html Tile;Thumbnail;TimelineListjson MIT nobel prize winners
Nobelists Inlinenobelists/nobelists.html Tile;Thumbnail;TimelineListjson;in-document MIT nobel prize winners
Senatesenate/senate.html TabularListjson Recent US Senate Bills
ICDicd/index.html TileList;Hierarchicaljson ICD10 Medical Terminology demonstrating the Hierarchical Facet
Candidateshistory/decide.html TileListjsonHistory Positions of the US presidential candidates on issues
Cloudcloud/index.html TileTag Cloudjson Demonstration of Tag Cloud Facet
Thumbnailthumbnail/index.html ThumbnailTag Cloudjson Demonstration of Thumbnail View
Thumbnail Columnsthumbnail/tabled.html ThumbnailTag CloudjsonColumns Demonstration of Thumbnail View with Columns
Table ImporthtmlTable/table.html TabularHTML Table;in-document Demonstration (and documentation) of Importing Data from an (in-document) HTML table
Bigbig/big.html TileListjson Test of Large-Data-Set Loading and Faceting performance
Italian Socceritalian-soccer/italian-soccer.html Map;Thumbnail;TabularListTSV/CSV Demonstration of csv/tsv data loading (plus Tutorial)
Presidentspresidents/presidents.html Map;Timeline;TabularListjson Image Marker;Color Coder;Coordinator;Exhibit Site US Presidents Map and Timeline
Citiescities/cities.html MapjsonSize Coder;Exhibit Site Map of us cities with markers sized by population
Billionairesbillionaires/billionaires.html Map;TabularListjson Size Coder;Exhibit Site Map of Billionaires by birth with markers sized by wealth
Flagsflags/flags.html MapjsonExhibit Site Map of World Flags as image markers on map
Cerealscereals/cereal-characters.html Thumbnail;TimelineListjson Exhibit Site A reimagining of Topher's breakfast cereal guide
Election 2008polymap/election08.html Map List json Color Coder;Polymap A map of the 2008 election demonstrating polygonal “markers” that can be color coded.
Mushroomsshrooms/shrooms.html Thumbnail Image;Text Search json A demonstration of the image facet.
Sliderslider/index.html List Slider json A demonstration of the slider facet.