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Timeline Releases and How to Access Them

Current release: Timeline 2.3.0

March 6, 2009: The current release is ver 2.3.0. Release_notes.txt

New Features

  • AutoWidth. AutoWidth automatically calculates and sets the 'width' for the Timeline's bands and for the overall Timeline.
  • Timeline start and end. Timelines are infinite by default. But now you can start and/or end limits to your Timeline to focus the user on a time period of interest.
  • CompactPainter, which enables for large images to be displayed on the Timeline. It will automatically render image stacks when multiple events occur close to each other.

And much more! See the release notes for more information.


  • A public copy of the release is hosted by MIT and can be included in your html file by using the link (N.B. URL uses number '2.3.1' though current code release is v2.3.0:

How to Access Timeline

Using the Timeline library is easy, see below for the two techniques. Either way, you're using the same software and your results will be the same.

Load via the Internet

The recommended and easiest way to include the Timeline library in your HTML page is to load the library via the Internet. A public copy of the current and prior releases is hosted by MIT. The MIT url is included with the information about each release.

Load via your own web server

This method is used for web browsers that don't have access to the Internet and for anyone who wants to be vertically integrated and not depend on the MIT server. Download either the minimal set of Timeline libraries or the complete Timeline source and host it on your own web server. You will need to set some Javascript global variables to the location of your web server. See the comments in the timeline-api.js file for more information.

Previous Releases

Timeline 2.2.0

September 23, 2008: Release 2.2.0. release_notes.txt

Access: http://static.simile.mit.edu/timeline/api-2.2.0/timeline-api.js?bundle=true

Timeline 2.1.0

September 19, 2008: Release 2.1.0.

Timeline 2.0

March 20, 2008: Release 2.0 Major re-write to reflect experience with 1.0 and to support new Exhibit project.

Timeline 1.x

See MIT site for more information.

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