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Here is a list of tools that perform similar functionality to Simile widgets (feel free to add others):


  • amCharts Line - a very nice, powerful suite flash-based rendering widgets.
  • Chronoscope - an ambitious and interesting time series rendering widget that supports a mix of client-side and server-side processing and features the use of time-series midmaps where new data is fetched dynamically from the server if the user zooms in the plot.


  • The Historical Event Markup and Linking Project generates SVG timelines, maps and animated maps from documents conforming to its XML markup language for historical events. The markup language, defined in XML Schemas, associates events with persons, locations, and keywords, employs multiple calendrical schemes and is multilingual. There is a Heml xhtml language available, too. The project's past five years of development are recorded in its SVN server [1]. RDF/Heml ideas were presented at the WWW2006 conference [2].
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