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The Exhibit user interface has been translated to the following languages:

  • sp Spanish
  • de German
  • fr French
  • nl Dutch
  • sv Swedish
  • no Norwegian (not yet committed to source code)

If you want to change the interface language for the entire Exhibit, add the locale attribute. E.g. if you want French language add &locale=fr when including the JS libraries.

<source lang="javascript" lines=0> api.simile-widgets.org/exhibit/2.2.0/exhibit-api.js?locale=fr </source>

Override strings

You may override any language string. This may also be useful for English language Exhibits, e.g. if you want to rename items to something less generic.

I.e. if you want to change the string Table to Tabell , add this JS-snippet: <source lang="javascript" lines=0> <script type="text/javascript"> Exhibit.TabularView.l10n.viewLabel = "Tabell"; </script> </source>

Committing translations to source code

Download source code from simile-widgets.googlecode.com, as described in SVN Instructions. Make make changes or add exhibit/trunk/src/webapp/api/locales/ or exhibit/trunk/src/webapp/api/extensions/extensionname/locales

You need SVN commit privileges to contribute code.

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