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Timeline allows web site creators to embed interactive timelines into their sites. It requires only that visitors have Javascript enabled. It's often referred to as "Google Maps" for time.

This page serves as an entry point to the documentation of the Simile Widgets Timeline component.

The documentation hosted at MIT (html and wiki) will be going away, as will the google code wiki pages.

For the moment, we're moving the pages at code.google without much editing. Then the useful bits from the old MIT wiki will be integrated. Any updates or modifications to the Timeline documentation should be done HERE.


Call for Help

We need your help to make this documentation better. If you have information or examples, please contribute.

This wiki still references images and examples from the MIT site. Almost all the content was migrated from that site. Overtime those artifacts will be migrated here as well.



Maybe many of these should be moved to http://www.simile-widgets.org/wiki/HowTo_Articles?

Getting Started

Controlling Timeline Appearance and Behavior

Timeline Client UI Ideas

The Timeline library is called by client software on your html page. Your client software can add additional User Interface (UI) features.

Loading data

Timeline generators as a service

Sites and Software incorporating Timelines

Language or Framework Support



Similar Tools

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